The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

11 04 2008

March 29th, 2008: The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

What a ridiculous day!  Saturday, March 29th 2008 is a day that will live in Flagstaff Hash House Harrier infamy.  We met in Heritage Square, in the center of downtown Flagstaff at 3:00 pm.  A 6-piece classical string band was attempting to attract an audience to the large, open expanse of the square. Well… we helped them out a little bit, and showed up 105 hashers strong!  When a hash reaches the triple digits, and a clown costume (among other crazy outfits) is involved, it becomes a spectator sport.

The Reunion Hash was also special due to a series of “Rogue” Hash firsts:

– I talked to a curious officer of the law before the chalk talk and he told me a ‘fun run’ was completely fine.  No more worries in that department!

– The previous Grandmaster Hare of the Flagstaff HHH years ago joined us, and handed down some Hash Heirlooms.  These included an ancient bedpan, to be used as a down-down chalice.

– There were numerous shiggies that took hashers through the Rio de Flag, upriver, under tunnels and overpasses.

– Over 100 people ran 5.2 miles!

Unfortunately the process for adding pictures to these blog posts has changed, and I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment. No blog pictures for you!  Check out the website ( for photos of the hash.


Woah! Party.

18 02 2008

What a great party and great HASH! That hash was intense and could not have been done without you ! Of course. I’ve been looking at different Hash Websites, and some are amazing. For example, the Chicago HHH has a serious website. When I looked at what software they used it was like a 2000 dollar program. Thats cool though, but we aren’t going to do that. I’m learning dreamweaver which is a $300 program, and we should have a sweet website soon. If anyone reading this can do any web design throw me an email. Anyway, the Chicago HHH ( has many different hashes. I am inspired! They usually charge $6 each hash. I think $5 is fine, but everyone needs to bring money, because what other hashes do that we do not, is offer food! Could you imagine how good it would be to have tons of beer and food! Yes! There are some other things I’ve been thinking about, but there is no time… It’s time to eat Mexican Food.

-Mama Baba