The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

11 04 2008

March 29th, 2008: The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

What a ridiculous day!  Saturday, March 29th 2008 is a day that will live in Flagstaff Hash House Harrier infamy.  We met in Heritage Square, in the center of downtown Flagstaff at 3:00 pm.  A 6-piece classical string band was attempting to attract an audience to the large, open expanse of the square. Well… we helped them out a little bit, and showed up 105 hashers strong!  When a hash reaches the triple digits, and a clown costume (among other crazy outfits) is involved, it becomes a spectator sport.

The Reunion Hash was also special due to a series of “Rogue” Hash firsts:

– I talked to a curious officer of the law before the chalk talk and he told me a ‘fun run’ was completely fine.  No more worries in that department!

– The previous Grandmaster Hare of the Flagstaff HHH years ago joined us, and handed down some Hash Heirlooms.  These included an ancient bedpan, to be used as a down-down chalice.

– There were numerous shiggies that took hashers through the Rio de Flag, upriver, under tunnels and overpasses.

– Over 100 people ran 5.2 miles!

Unfortunately the process for adding pictures to these blog posts has changed, and I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment. No blog pictures for you!  Check out the website ( for photos of the hash.