The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

11 04 2008

March 29th, 2008: The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

What a ridiculous day!  Saturday, March 29th 2008 is a day that will live in Flagstaff Hash House Harrier infamy.  We met in Heritage Square, in the center of downtown Flagstaff at 3:00 pm.  A 6-piece classical string band was attempting to attract an audience to the large, open expanse of the square. Well… we helped them out a little bit, and showed up 105 hashers strong!  When a hash reaches the triple digits, and a clown costume (among other crazy outfits) is involved, it becomes a spectator sport.

The Reunion Hash was also special due to a series of “Rogue” Hash firsts:

– I talked to a curious officer of the law before the chalk talk and he told me a ‘fun run’ was completely fine.  No more worries in that department!

– The previous Grandmaster Hare of the Flagstaff HHH years ago joined us, and handed down some Hash Heirlooms.  These included an ancient bedpan, to be used as a down-down chalice.

– There were numerous shiggies that took hashers through the Rio de Flag, upriver, under tunnels and overpasses.

– Over 100 people ran 5.2 miles!

Unfortunately the process for adding pictures to these blog posts has changed, and I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment. No blog pictures for you!  Check out the website ( for photos of the hash.


over 1000 served.

12 02 2008

i know, its cliche. taken from that old mcdonalds slogan. but still this website has received over 1000 hits. and that is amazing, we have found that searching for many hash terms in google will also bring up our page. like ‘the beer fund’, i think we are number four. ok, i want to blog but i think i will just leave you all with the perverse and often baffling news that this website as received over 1000 hits. also, if you think over 1000 served is cliche then think about this… i did not use a capital letter yet. HA!

-On On

Hear Ye Hear Ye…

8 02 2008

Wham-Bam Thank You Ma’am!

My Uncle Nelson always told me to be polite. But that’s beside the point. The Hash coming up on the 16th! It will begin at 2:00 p.m. (get there around 1:30 – 1:45) at Thorpe Park. People will be gathering around the BBQ area or something like that. Please come! PLEASE!

The Trail for the Presidential Love Hash…

2 02 2008

So as many of you may already know (and for those who don’t), our next major hash will be February 16th, around 2:00 or so. Bring a friend or five, especially if your friend is a president…or a president’s face printed on a green bill. In fact, bring Ben Franklin too.

Now, we don’t have much info. about the hash yet. The hares (Vaginitis M.D. and No-name Dan) are keeping it a secret, BUT we’ve managed to recover a blurry aerial photo of the route they are planning:


As you can see, there could be a difficult shiggy across a river with currents flowing both up and down the waterway, and massive logs clogging our path. We might also cross over a five lane super-highway, and one of the checkpoints might have flies instead of beer! Who Knew! Everyone practice your down-down’s, on-on’s, and don’t forget those left-down-down-A-select-right-B-down’s.

Eat a hamburglar and choke on a cow dick! Bye!


The Newest Thing of the Day is the major Changes to this blog Entry

23 01 2008

** UPDATE ** The NEXT HASH: We are doing a hash tomorrow, January 24th, at 4:45 pm. Also make sure you bring ID and CASH this is important or else you will not be able to get in. We will be meeting at Brett and Andy’s house at the bottom of South Fountaine Street, near Alpine Ridge Apts. (629, S. Fountaine, Flag, AZ). **End of Update**

continue reading for the Full story

My friend Brett Allin (he hurt his jaw Freshman year and lost like 15 pounds) will be setting a Hash tomorrow. How fun! He will be leaving Flagstaff soon and wants to do an experimental hash…one like no one in the Flagstaff Rogue Hash Harriers has done before. A hash well… I lost my train of thought. A bar hash. 21+ or whatever you got that gets you into the bar, maybe somethin that the ladies got, maybe a little cougar action, maybe a piece of plastic. Whatever. There are other notes as well, all set within this blog that makes no attempt to follow any rules of prose or the englich langauge. Except for spelling, that has always been important to me. When I was younger I never spelled a word wrong in our weekly spelling tests until like fourth grade, then I spelled the month of my birth wrong. February, my mom confused me right before the little quiz. I ended up spelling it februaruary which is just too many letters.Also on the agenda, We are going to have T-SHIRTS soon! WooHOOO who is excited to represent the ol Flagstaff Rogue Hash Harriers. Hopefully we can make em pretty cheap so we can put some funds in the Hash Cash glass bottle. We will let everyone know not tomorrow but at the hash on February 16! That should be a big one. Presidents day, Valentines day thing that will be one big hubbaloo of tears over our lost civil rights.

-On On as well

The 2008 Freestyle Hash

20 01 2008

Saturday, Jan. 12th 2008

The Rogue Harriers had a great Hash last Saturday (12th).  The group averaged at about 45 people (Some were lost along the way, others were picked up).  Cougar Bait and Dick Shaft laid a nice trail, and ensured that half of the run was through snow or over ice. Thanks, assholes.

img_3890.jpg    img_3965.jpg 

The day included some drunken, impromptu patriotic songs in a circle around the American Flag, a jaunt through campus, a snowball war at the first checkpoint with background music ‘the final countdown’ (thanks Cougar Bait), and of course a route 66 crossing and mass of confusion downtown. Downtown was full of tourists and (in)conveniently placed pedestrians.  The trail magically disappeared in the center of it all, so everyone had fun being as loud as they possibly could and harassing motorists.

img_4137.jpg        img_4224.jpg

Some Rogue Harriers I spoke to told me that a small child was almost trampled at one point, and another hasher also threw a snowball into someone car window.  What are you gonna do? 45 harriers driven by an unexplainable desire to Freestyle Hash in true rogue fashion are kinda like a stampede of wildebeest. There are never any ill intentions, but people are going to obey their thirst, and once you pop, the fun don’t stop!

img_4120.jpg    img_4170.jpg

The next “official” hash we will have should be on February 16th.  More details on that soon…

For everyone who is 21 and over, we are having a bar hop this coming Thursday (24th), around 4:30 pm.  This will be a relatively short hash, and will consist entirely of bars.  This is a good way to finish off the week, so e-mail me ( or check back later for details.  Three-Dogs-Fucking is setting this one up.

– On On

Rogue Fun-Fest Location and Moolah!

11 01 2008

Allsup Hashers? The Freestyle Fun-Fest is here!

So tomorrow we will be meeting at Robbie and Andrew’s house at 415 East Ashurst Ave. This is a small, green house just off of South O’Leary Street, right down the driveway next to the O’Leary Market, in between Butler and Franklin Aves. For those of you who have run with us, this is where the first hash in September ended (almost), and where the Halloween Hash started. Ask around if you don’t know where to go.

Try and be here around 1:30 – 1:45, we’ll try and get going around 2:15 or 2:30. Very limited parking, so try and bike or walk.

Also, the growth of the Flagstaff Rogue Hash is a wonderful thing, but it also means that we have to purchase more and more beer for each event. If everyone could bring a few bucks (3-5?) so that the fun-fest can be funded that would be real special. Otherwise your hares for the day, Dick Shaft and Cougar Bait, lose a hundred bucks or so…all gravy? right.

Ok, don’t wear new shoes and see everyone tomorrow!