Roll Call

One Rogue Harrier was named by the Chicago HHH in late December, and we now have some experienced hashers running with us, allowing the Flagstaff Rogue Hash to develop names for those hashers who have done anything sufficiently stupid or alcoholic. The following is a growing list…

Mama Baba

Fondling Father

Scrotie Korotie

Lil’ Foamy

Stump Humper

Pootie Pound

Cougar Bait

DJ Dallas Felcher



Dick Shaft

Three Dogs Fucking

Wheat Grass Candy Mountain



Blow Long Blow Hard

Mighty Boosche

Vaginitis MD

Fuckskin Barry

Walter Cronkite

Thee Flaming DreadCocks

Built to Spill

Gildo Summerpants


3 responses

22 02 2008
Ben Schwartz

Wheres my name?

27 03 2008
Steve Rhode aka-Throttle

See yall Sat…I am new and bringing new hasers

26 06 2008
Ima Luuuger

Heya! Glad to see you wankers are doing so well! Put some contact info and maybe “next run” up on the website! We have a bucketload of Phoenix Hashers cuming up on July 12th for the beer festival and will be doing a hash up there as well! We would love to see you there.

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