Upcoming Bar Hash

26 02 2008


There will be a Bar Hash this coming Friday, the 29th.

It will begin at Mia’s bar, between 5 and 6 pm.  Please bring your IDs or some “proof” that you are 21 or older.   If we hash in true Rogue style as always, we will either receive Flagstaff HHH discounts at the bars, or be kicked out… or bothaspenandsanfranatnight-2.jpg.

In other news, stay tuned to our new website: FlagstaffHashHarriers.com

Spread the word!

– Fondling Father


The Presidential Love Hash, Saturday, Feb. 16th, 2008

21 02 2008

The Presidential Love Hash…it was amazing!

Ever since the very first hash (at the beginning of last September) we have had a goal of reaching a 50 harrier hash. We made it above 40 a couple times, but never 50. The Presidential Love Hash averaged a little over 60 people! So many hash virgins! So many slap-happy drunks! So many curious residents!


The hash achieved both quantity and quality. Vaginitis M.D. and Fuckskin Barry set a trail through Thorpe Park, around the neighborhoods west of downtown, and finally straight across Milton and down Butler to the infamous Green House. For three days prior to the hash the weather was typical of a Flagstaff Winter: cold, windy and snowy. Well that all changed for the hash (as you can see in the pictures).

cimg2500.jpg n27700369_32263450_2538.jpg

The pictures do most of the talking; they say “there were a whole lot of excited people”; but I think what truly made this hash so great wasn’t the sheer size, but rather the attitude everyone had. The trail climbed the steepest hill in all of Flagstaff, and the stampede reached the top with nothing but smiles and inquiries as to where the beer was. We had some dogs run. We had a mother and her young son join us for a little. We acquired two confused girls. Incredibly, we had no serious injuries either (although I was informed that Virgin-Gil did manage to trip over his feet while running down a hill and proceed to execute some retarded gymnastics straight into a snow bank). Once again, no arrests were made.

n27700635_32258766_8909.jpg n27701458_32264714_6386.jpg n27700635_32258767_9158.jpg

Saturday, February 16th, 2008 will be a landmark hash for the Flagstaff Rogue Harriers!

… so, as great as this blog is, we are in the middle of developing an official website. You are strongly encouraged to check it out at: FlagstaffHashHarriers.com

Thats all for now,

-Fondling Father


18 02 2008

HasselhoffThis is a funny picture. And sort of embodies what we say to hecklers of the hash.

Woah! Party.

18 02 2008

What a great party and great HASH! That hash was intense and could not have been done without you ! Of course. I’ve been looking at different Hash Websites, and some are amazing. For example, the Chicago HHH has a serious website. When I looked at what software they used it was like a 2000 dollar program. Thats cool though, but we aren’t going to do that. I’m learning dreamweaver which is a $300 program, and we should have a sweet website soon. If anyone reading this can do any web design throw me an email. Anyway, the Chicago HHH (www.chicagohash.com) has many different hashes. I am inspired! They usually charge $6 each hash. I think $5 is fine, but everyone needs to bring money, because what other hashes do that we do not, is offer food! Could you imagine how good it would be to have tons of beer and food! Yes! There are some other things I’ve been thinking about, but there is no time… It’s time to eat Mexican Food.

-Mama Baba

Same as Facebook, only different

14 02 2008

So there has been some confusion about where and when the Hash is.

Let me reiterate.

SAT 16 TWO pm (2) at (@) Thorpe Park!!

The pre and post party that is a related event is exactly what it says, a pre and post party… It is there to allow for a slight pre-game. It is important not to pre-game too much or you could end up passing out on random cars, which has happened before, so be careful.

2 more things:

1. Do not bring beer to Thorpe Park, for legal reasons only.
2. Bring $5 Dollars to Thorpe Park, for financial reasons only.

See you there! We are excited, but we expect a lot of people so its important to abide by the “2 things”. Cool? Also, pass it on, because not everyone has facebook.


over 1000 served.

12 02 2008

i know, its cliche. taken from that old mcdonalds slogan. but still this website has received over 1000 hits. and that is amazing, we have found that searching for many hash terms in google will also bring up our page. like ‘the beer fund’, i think we are number four. ok, i want to blog but i think i will just leave you all with the perverse and often baffling news that this website as received over 1000 hits. also, if you think over 1000 served is cliche then think about this… i did not use a capital letter yet. HA!

-On On

Hear Ye Hear Ye…

8 02 2008

Wham-Bam Thank You Ma’am!

My Uncle Nelson always told me to be polite. But that’s beside the point. The Hash coming up on the 16th! It will begin at 2:00 p.m. (get there around 1:30 – 1:45) at Thorpe Park. People will be gathering around the BBQ area or something like that. Please come! PLEASE!