So What’s All this “Flagstaff Rogue Harrier” Nonsense?

Ok Meow, the “Flagstaff Rogue” part of our ‘chapter’; this is what happened. Flagstaff used to have an official HHH club. I have no clue what happened to it. Flagstaff, AZ is a lively outdoor, mountain town that enjoys good sport and good beer. There is no better combination for a Hash Harrier organization. When I first started learning about the crazy shenanigans and fun that was involved in HHH, I wanted to start running in Flagstaff. I tried contacting the Grand Master Hare of the old Flagstaff HHH and was not able to. I felt it was necessary to start a Hash in the beautiful little college town……and so began the Flagstaff Rogue Hash House Harriers. Why Rogue? In order to be an official HHH club, at least one member or founder must have Hashed three times with another official club, and been given an official hash name. As a busy, drunk college student I have not made it 200 some miles down to dirty, hot Phoenix for three runs yet. Shame on me. Regardless, I saw the potential for hashing in Flagstaff.

I spent a couple weeks contacting various friends and potential ‘checkpoints’ throughout town, sent out numerous messages, e-mails, etc… and then SHAZAAM! My roommate/hetero-life partner and I were ready to facilitate the inaugural Flagstaff Hash. After studying the HHH Bible and discussing several aspects of HHH with some friends of mine who are official hashers, we set a date, wrote some speeches, and bought a ridiculous amount of flour to set the trail. The first weekend in September, 2007 will remain a historic drunk moment in my life. The documentation of Flagstaff Hashes found on the main page of this website illustrate what has become of these beginnings.

As far as my hetero-life mate and I, as well as the rest of the Flagstaff Rogue Harriers (currently about 40 strong) are concerned, our Hash is a huge success. We have fully established the Rogue Hash in our town, and everyone loves it. If you are a ‘real’ hasher, and have stumbled upon this site, please understand that I recognize the Flagstaff Hash as a rogue organization. We generally have two or three checkpoints (as opposed to one) with LOTS of beer at each, and as far as I have been able to tell, we end up getting much drunker and thus remain a little more disorganized than other Hashes (In our defense, we do run at an elevation of 7,000 feet, and the majority of hashers are college students).

Anyways, we have an absurd amount of fun, and I’ve never seen so many college students so enthusiastic about running their asses off! If you are ever in Flagstaff, check out this website or just ask around town (especially campus, bars and coffee-shops) about when/where the next Hash is going to be. So far we’ve averaged one per month, but there is a pretty fair chance that they will become more frequent.

Feel free to leave comments and whatnot. The founding fathers of the Flagstaff Rogue Hash (myself and my bestest friend) are pictured below, if you see us in town, say “hi”.

So, recently (February, ’08) we managed to get in touch with the previous Grandmaster Hare of the Flagstaff HHH (Waterloo).  He attended our latest and largest Hash, which occurred on March 29th, and involved 105 hashers running 5.2 miles.  We were provided some heirlooms from the old Flag Hash, and basically we have now been somewhat ‘legitimized’.
Now we basically have two separate types of hashes, each occurring once a month.  Around the middle of the month (second or third weekend) we hold smaller (30 hashers or so) Bar Hashes, which involve a little more tradition, and are always spectacular events. We even receive discounts from some bars in town like Altitudes and Mia’s.  The last weekend of each month we hold larger ‘Rogue’ Hashes, which now involve turn-outs in the triple digits.  With this many people the more traditional ceremonies at the beginning and end of the hash are very difficult, so the ‘great circle’ at the end of the hash usually resembles a disorganized mass of drunk excitement, hence the ‘rogue’.
Come join us sometime!
-Fondling Father

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28 02 2008


30 05 2008
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11 11 2011
janella cruz

Hey there founding father,
I’m a fellow hasher in South Dakota but just moved to Flagstaff and want to continu my hashing activities. Please let me know more info. Thanks.

9 09 2014

Yo fellow drinkers,

I am a fan of hash runs and after hosting one in Michigan, I was sure there had to be a group here in Flag. Well after a half-ass search and no up to date group I wonder if CPR is needed to revive the community. I am certified 🙂

Any information is helpful. Cheers!

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