This Blog Out of Date Beginning July 12th, 2008 (The Goodbye Shoedown)

3 07 2008

Howdy Y’all!

The post title says it all. Mama Baba and myself (Fondling Father) are heading off in different directions, to far and distant locations to continue our academic drinking careers. Saturday, July 12th will be our final hash here in Flagstaff. We will also be handing the hash off to new Grandmasters Hares. Woop-de-doo!

The Hash will begin at 3 p.m. or so, and we will be starting in Thorpe Park, in the picnic area (Where the first Hash started last summer). There is no set theme yet, but if one is decided upon word will go out, and this post will be updated. In keeping with our unofficial beginnings and overly delinquent hashing behavior, we hope to hash in the most Rogue way possible. Dress like Richard Simmons and make more obnoxious noise than Cher after a line of blow. Lets have a blast.

So what does “Shoedown” mean? I bet you’d like to know you wouldn’t you! Welp, curiosity killed the cat and brought 25 brave souls to our very first hash last September. Maybe it will happen again. If you can’t make the hash, then know that Mama Baba and I love you, and wish from the bottom of our huge hearts that you feel horribly guilty about missing out and send us hookers and chocolate in the mail. You might have to wait until it’s legal to send hooker packages, but I know that it will be soon, and by know I mean hope. Now I’m off track.

Please feel free to bring water balloons and water guns. Mama Baba and I will be haring this Hash, but it will be a dead trail so we can run it with the rest of the pack as well. Bring shoes and clothing that can get super wet, and prepare for anything Flagstaff can possibly dish out.

It was fun while it lasted, and it should continue to be fun. We’ve had a story in the Lumberjack, received discounts at various bars, broken elevators, ridden bikes through the NAU union, caused minor traffic jams, terrorized neighborhoods, consumed an unhealthy amount of alcohol, run 5 miles 100 hashers strong, ruined a 5 piece classical band’s performance in heritage square, had countless snowball fights, waded through the Rio, stormed the NAU homecoming football game halftime, and had more fun than anyone has ever had in Flagstaff. Having a Rogue Hash in Flagstaff was the smartest dumb thing we’ve ever done. This is my last post on this website, and there may never be another. Whatev.

I’ll see all your bright, shiny faces on Saturday (12th). ON ON!

– Fondling Father