Changing the plans, But its still on!

23 05 2008

So, change of plan…

Of course, if you haven’t looked outside yet.  Look Outside.
And if you thought we were going to camp in this, well I’m so sorry charlie because its not going to work like that.  We don’t have enough waiver/disclaimer forms for everyone so we won’t be camping outside.  I mean its fine when someone gets hypothermia (usually happens at each hash) but when everyone gets it, it means there is not enough people to drink all the beer.  Anyway, we will still be hashing but not camping.

So, bring your cars we are driving to the first checkpoint, Be At the GREENHOUSE at 2pm on Saturday May 24th with FIVE DOLLARS in Hand.  HASH IS HAPPENING.

Mama Baba.




One response

4 06 2008
Cherry Picker

Greetings Flagstaff Hashers!! It’s a delight to see hashing starting up again up on the rim – I was worried about Waterloo – but I see you have been taking care and feeding him plenty of beer!

Anyone interested in doing a hash that finishes up at the Beer festival in July? I am checking into a bus to drive us all back to the start – so there would be an extra cost for that. I will contact the organizers to see if we can get a group discount on the festival tickets.

Cherry Picker
Phoenix Wrong Way HHH

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