The First Ever “Let’s Sleep Outdoors” Hash

20 05 2008

I’m going to post this message from Waterloo the Hare of the next hash

Hi Hashers,
Please join Waterloo and Skid-mark ( the hares)  to celebrate the birthdays of both with  a traditional-style hash on Saturday May 24th. The run will be through the forests in the Hart Prairie area of the San Francisco Peaks and will end at a beautiful spot with camping for those that wish to spend the night. Bring your own sleeping bags, a tent ( if you want privacy – it probably won’t rain)  Beer, soft drinks, water and food will be supplied, as will cereal for breakfast the next morning. So that I know roughly how much food to buy, I would appreciate an RSVP with how many in your group to  There will be a charge of $8 per person to cover drinks and food.

We will meet at 2 pm at 415 Ashurst St ( if that’s OK with Mamababa) where we will load into available cars to drive to the box ( where the hash starts) Bring your camping gear with you in these cars, as well as dry, warm clothes to put on after the run. Because this run is in the forest it is a good idea to carry a water bottle and a whistle in case you get lost( plus water for your dog if you are bringing one.) There is one spot where the dogs can get wet and get a drink but they might be hot by the time they get there. There will be beer and soft-drinks at the same spot.

At the end of the run there will be a traditional circle for “religion”  and traditional songs. If you’ve ever wondered how hashing is done in other hashes, this is your chance to see.



415 E Ashurst Ave Where we will meet

Saturday May 24th At 2pm

Bring CARS if you have them… so we can drive to the starting point.




One response

13 06 2008
Cherry Picker

Greetings Flag hashers! We’re headed (WHO SAID HEAD?!?) your way July 12-13-14 for the Beer festival and annal camping hash (contra style) – we’d love to have everyone join us. It’s pretty casual – give me a hollar if you’re interested in a second sleep outdoors opportunity 😉
Cherry Picker
Phoenix HHH

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