The Trail for the Presidential Love Hash…

2 02 2008

So as many of you may already know (and for those who don’t), our next major hash will be February 16th, around 2:00 or so. Bring a friend or five, especially if your friend is a president…or a president’s face printed on a green bill. In fact, bring Ben Franklin too.

Now, we don’t have much info. about the hash yet. The hares (Vaginitis M.D. and No-name Dan) are keeping it a secret, BUT we’ve managed to recover a blurry aerial photo of the route they are planning:


As you can see, there could be a difficult shiggy across a river with currents flowing both up and down the waterway, and massive logs clogging our path. We might also cross over a five lane super-highway, and one of the checkpoints might have flies instead of beer! Who Knew! Everyone practice your down-down’s, on-on’s, and don’t forget those left-down-down-A-select-right-B-down’s.

Eat a hamburglar and choke on a cow dick! Bye!





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