The Newest Thing of the Day is the major Changes to this blog Entry

23 01 2008

** UPDATE ** The NEXT HASH: We are doing a hash tomorrow, January 24th, at 4:45 pm. Also make sure you bring ID and CASH this is important or else you will not be able to get in. We will be meeting at Brett and Andy’s house at the bottom of South Fountaine Street, near Alpine Ridge Apts. (629, S. Fountaine, Flag, AZ). **End of Update**

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My friend Brett Allin (he hurt his jaw Freshman year and lost like 15 pounds) will be setting a Hash tomorrow. How fun! He will be leaving Flagstaff soon and wants to do an experimental hash…one like no one in the Flagstaff Rogue Hash Harriers has done before. A hash well… I lost my train of thought. A bar hash. 21+ or whatever you got that gets you into the bar, maybe somethin that the ladies got, maybe a little cougar action, maybe a piece of plastic. Whatever. There are other notes as well, all set within this blog that makes no attempt to follow any rules of prose or the englich langauge. Except for spelling, that has always been important to me. When I was younger I never spelled a word wrong in our weekly spelling tests until like fourth grade, then I spelled the month of my birth wrong. February, my mom confused me right before the little quiz. I ended up spelling it februaruary which is just too many letters.Also on the agenda, We are going to have T-SHIRTS soon! WooHOOO who is excited to represent the ol Flagstaff Rogue Hash Harriers. Hopefully we can make em pretty cheap so we can put some funds in the Hash Cash glass bottle. We will let everyone know not tomorrow but at the hash on February 16! That should be a big one. Presidents day, Valentines day thing that will be one big hubbaloo of tears over our lost civil rights.

-On On as well




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1 04 2008

Great blog! I like the humorous style.

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