The 2008 Freestyle Hash

20 01 2008

Saturday, Jan. 12th 2008

The Rogue Harriers had a great Hash last Saturday (12th).  The group averaged at about 45 people (Some were lost along the way, others were picked up).  Cougar Bait and Dick Shaft laid a nice trail, and ensured that half of the run was through snow or over ice. Thanks, assholes.

img_3890.jpg    img_3965.jpg 

The day included some drunken, impromptu patriotic songs in a circle around the American Flag, a jaunt through campus, a snowball war at the first checkpoint with background music ‘the final countdown’ (thanks Cougar Bait), and of course a route 66 crossing and mass of confusion downtown. Downtown was full of tourists and (in)conveniently placed pedestrians.  The trail magically disappeared in the center of it all, so everyone had fun being as loud as they possibly could and harassing motorists.

img_4137.jpg        img_4224.jpg

Some Rogue Harriers I spoke to told me that a small child was almost trampled at one point, and another hasher also threw a snowball into someone car window.  What are you gonna do? 45 harriers driven by an unexplainable desire to Freestyle Hash in true rogue fashion are kinda like a stampede of wildebeest. There are never any ill intentions, but people are going to obey their thirst, and once you pop, the fun don’t stop!

img_4120.jpg    img_4170.jpg

The next “official” hash we will have should be on February 16th.  More details on that soon…

For everyone who is 21 and over, we are having a bar hop this coming Thursday (24th), around 4:30 pm.  This will be a relatively short hash, and will consist entirely of bars.  This is a good way to finish off the week, so e-mail me ( or check back later for details.  Three-Dogs-Fucking is setting this one up.

– On On




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23 01 2008
Three Dogs Fucking

A Hash on a Thursday? Oh yes. Come and be sophisticated with your awesome new government-issued/mail-order ID. (And by sophisticated, I mean nothing about attire or behavior, simply the fact that we will not be drinking beer from cans). This is sure to be the second best hash of the year!

1 02 2008


I am a grad student at NAU. I came from U. of Arkansas in fayetteville where we had a hash harrier group. I never went but it sounded awesome…good to know Flag has one. They even did a red dress run which was freakin hilarious…keep it up!


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