The Chanukah Blizzard?

19 12 2007

The Chanukah Hash was a great success! The hashers gathered in a blizzard of confusion…and snow. Somehow a keg ended up at the starting point in Flagstaff Village Courtyard. So drinks were drunk, the sky cleared for ten minutes of sun and speeches, and then…


Then it hit! The hares took off, leaving a trail of kool-aid powder (which immediately turned to kool-aid slushy in the snow) and the hashers followed soon after. There were some quick shiggies, but the hash really got going when the pack crossed University Drive shouting, throwing snowballs and bringing traffic to a halt! Amazingly the trail was semi-visible the whole way to the first checkpoint. The floor at the first checkpoint almost caved in, so the rogue harriers carried on, and the snow got intense. By the time the pack reached north campus the trail was almost gone.

This was a long and memorable journey deep into the soul of booze-hounding (???…yeah, I don’t know). The collective will-power and B.A.C. of everyone who showed up turned a potential disaster into an amazing spectacle. People buckled inside their metal cages of impatience caught glimpses of rogue hashing glee as the pack stormed across Butler Ave. and Route 66, gazing through their windshields, only to be met by the piercing stare of a flagstaff harrier! Those pedestrians who were not part of the motley crew had two choices: start hashing (a couple did, and they were warm, drunk and thankful at the end), or look on with envious eyes as the harriers fearlessly forded the mighty, freezing Rio De Flag…

An officer of the law spotted the parade as it funneled through an alley downtown, and it looked as though the hash might be on thin ice (HAHAHA). But, is running around in a blizzard following ‘berry-cherry’ flavored snow really that much of a crime? This hasher sure doesn’t think so! All those who showed up and finished the hash on Saturday, December 8th, 2007, should be commended. Now it is only the United States Postal Service that may contend with the Flagstaff Rogue Harriers; for Ol’ Man Winter has met his match, and an enthusiastic bunch that match is! Too bad the mail man can’t deliver drunk…. ON ON!





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2 02 2008

“But, is running around in a blizzard following ‘berry-cherry’ flavored snow really that much of a crime?”: What a super-cool quotation! It sounds like a blast.

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