The Halloween Hash

9 11 2007

So the Halloween hash was pretty fuckin awesome. We had close to 40 people show up; that’s damn good. It was also tequila sunrise, so a fair amount of the hashers had a couple hours of pre-gaming complete prior to the run. One particular harrier didn’t even run the thing, and another one only made it past the 1st checkpoint and decided to pass out on campus or something. Several yellow bikes were utilized and one was thrown into a trashcan for some reason. The pack even managed to grow as unsuspecting spectators couldn’t help themselves and started running as well.


This was the first time we hashed through campus (officially) and surprisingly there were no arrests. What makes this feat even more amazing is that the trail ran through the tailgating at NAU’s homecoming football game. It was timed perfectly, as the stadium was emptying into the parking lot for half-time the harriers stormed through the crowds. That’s awesome, no problems with the fuzz!


After a shiggy down onto the Rio flood plain and through a drainage tunnel, the patches of flour guided all the drunks down the urban trail system and finally to the great circle. Down-downs were most abundant.

Now, the next hash has no official date, but it will be before winter break, so pay attention and don’t get all fat on turkey day. Also, the author would like it to be known that the resulting rash upon his ass was totally worth the hash.

Ok, on-on.




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