Listening… and Learning?

14 10 2007

Man. I have just been listening to the new radiohead LP. It’s sick, what are you supposed to do. 1.2 Million people buying this shit, and we all sit around listening for days. Its sort of like a Hash in that way. I mean, anyone who has done one is just sitting around waiting for the next. Homecoming weekend… thats the next has right? And those mothers sit around waiting for their goddamn football. They can suck it, watch us…tequila sunrise cha! We will destroy their good wholesome match. Anyway, party before and the next day a big hash. Too clear our costumed minds and then what. Party?! and then what about Sunday? Party?! Of course. and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… and Thursday? So… if Fifty people come are we are terrorist organization? Spreading hope and fun across a parking full of trucks and drunk frat boys? maybe, maybe/ by the way. Its going to be the biggest ever…






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