The Inaugural Flagstaff Hash: A Look Back

4 10 2007

Hash # 1: Saturday, September 1st, 2007, 3:30 p.m.

So the first Hash House Harrier run in Flagstaff was a great success. There was a larger turn-out than expected at Thorpe Park, and most had no idea what the hell they were doing. It looked like the mental hospital was on a field trip.

A couple speeches were made, rules were explained, and the hares (Andrew and Robbie) set off, spreading ‘Anthrax’ all over town.

The gathering at Thorpe cimg0973.JPGcimg1025.JPG

We had three beer checks (thats two more than most Hashes), a whole lot of false trails (some unlucky FRBs ran to the top floor of Alpine Ridge Apts.), some shiggies (a Rio-de-Flag crossing), various encounters with police, a great Route 66 crossing, and a ton of weird looks.

cimg1139.JPG cimg1175.JPG

It was a pretty damn good hash! 25 or so harriers ran, and we managed to make enough noise that most of west Flagstaff knew something was up. In fact, the Harriers were so inspired that they didn’t stop hashing after the fuzz broke up the great circle.

There were 15 or so determined souls who proceeded to run through campus, through the union, into Reilly dormitory, and into the elevator. The hash ended in the elevator when it broke and fell down a foot or so… Good Job Rogue Harriers! Keep it up!




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