Tentative Schedule: The Halloween Hash

4 10 2007

Ok, couple of issues:

  1. The next Hash! So this date is subject to change, but we’ve been thinking about scheduling the next hash for Saturday, October 27th, around 3:00 or so. This is the Saturday before Halloween, so it will be a big weekend. It will also be a big hash, and I’m assuming everyone will be in costume (this is Flagstaff).
    1. I realize some people are going to Vegas for Halloween, so that sort of sucks, but get the word out. This one is gonna kick some ass.
  2. Beer Checks! There was no problem finding houses/locations for beer checks for the first two hashes. As we keep planning more runs, however, we are going to need a variety of places to make beer checks. If you have a house/apartment/yard/garage or whatever, your neighbors aren’t huge assholes, and you don’t mind having 30 people stop by, then please let us know. Just leave a comment for this post with your name and, if you feel like it, your address, number, e-mail, zodiac sign, whatever
  3. Beer Money: The first hash was good, we collected a fair amount of donations and almost made enough money to pay for the beer (but not the elevator). The second hash we didn’t get any money, but it wasn’t a huge hash either, so not too big a deal. The next hash on halloween weekend, however, is going to require substantial funds. There will probably be a ridiculous amount of drinks involved, so if people can bring a buck or two, that would be cool.
  4. Not everyone knows about this site, but there are a lot of people who seem interested in hashing. I keep getting “that sounds awesome! let me know next time you do one, I want in!”
    1. Tell people the address of this site: https://flagstaffharriers.wordpress.com or just tell them when the next one will be. Let’s try and get a 50 person hash!

Anyways, leave comments if you have some (especially if you have a location for a beer check or if a certain day isn’t good for you)





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