Flag Hash # 2: Shiggy-tastic

4 10 2007

Hash # 2: Sunday, September 30th,2007, 1:30 p.m.

The rogue harriers had a nice little hash on Sunday. Everyone met at crackle rock this time, and once again some speeches were made. New faces showed up, including Tex. A Flagstaff Hash Harrier kennel needs a dog.

Andrew pulled through and ordered a quality mega-phone; a crucial part of future hashes. The hares (Andy and Brett) set off towards downtown around 1:30 or so, and it appeared as though we might have to storm Route 66 again…


The harriers took a big ol’ U-turn, crossed the Rio (dry this time), and ran off towards Paseo del Rio. Some confusion ensued at a ridiculous false trail (thanks Andy/Brett), and then the trail got interesting. The harriers were led through forests, up rocky hillsides, through a couple yards, past I-17, into a dance party and off into the middle of nowhere.


The hash ended at a pile of old, rusted cars and trucks in the forest. Down-downs ensued. For the second time a hasher had to drink from a new shoe, and for the second time a hasher cheated by putting the beer can inside the shoe. Next time your beer will taste like dirty socks, no more half-ass rule enforcement.




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