This Blog Out of Date Beginning July 12th, 2008 (The Goodbye Shoedown)

3 07 2008

Howdy Y’all!

The post title says it all. Mama Baba and myself (Fondling Father) are heading off in different directions, to far and distant locations to continue our academic drinking careers. Saturday, July 12th will be our final hash here in Flagstaff. We will also be handing the hash off to new Grandmasters Hares. Woop-de-doo!

The Hash will begin at 3 p.m. or so, and we will be starting in Thorpe Park, in the picnic area (Where the first Hash started last summer). There is no set theme yet, but if one is decided upon word will go out, and this post will be updated. In keeping with our unofficial beginnings and overly delinquent hashing behavior, we hope to hash in the most Rogue way possible. Dress like Richard Simmons and make more obnoxious noise than Cher after a line of blow. Lets have a blast.

So what does “Shoedown” mean? I bet you’d like to know you wouldn’t you! Welp, curiosity killed the cat and brought 25 brave souls to our very first hash last September. Maybe it will happen again. If you can’t make the hash, then know that Mama Baba and I love you, and wish from the bottom of our huge hearts that you feel horribly guilty about missing out and send us hookers and chocolate in the mail. You might have to wait until it’s legal to send hooker packages, but I know that it will be soon, and by know I mean hope. Now I’m off track.

Please feel free to bring water balloons and water guns. Mama Baba and I will be haring this Hash, but it will be a dead trail so we can run it with the rest of the pack as well. Bring shoes and clothing that can get super wet, and prepare for anything Flagstaff can possibly dish out.

It was fun while it lasted, and it should continue to be fun. We’ve had a story in the Lumberjack, received discounts at various bars, broken elevators, ridden bikes through the NAU union, caused minor traffic jams, terrorized neighborhoods, consumed an unhealthy amount of alcohol, run 5 miles 100 hashers strong, ruined a 5 piece classical band’s performance in heritage square, had countless snowball fights, waded through the Rio, stormed the NAU homecoming football game halftime, and had more fun than anyone has ever had in Flagstaff. Having a Rogue Hash in Flagstaff was the smartest dumb thing we’ve ever done. This is my last post on this website, and there may never be another. Whatev.

I’ll see all your bright, shiny faces on Saturday (12th). ON ON!

– Fondling Father


Changing the plans, But its still on!

23 05 2008

So, change of plan…

Of course, if you haven’t looked outside yet.  Look Outside.
And if you thought we were going to camp in this, well I’m so sorry charlie because its not going to work like that.  We don’t have enough waiver/disclaimer forms for everyone so we won’t be camping outside.  I mean its fine when someone gets hypothermia (usually happens at each hash) but when everyone gets it, it means there is not enough people to drink all the beer.  Anyway, we will still be hashing but not camping.

So, bring your cars we are driving to the first checkpoint, Be At the GREENHOUSE at 2pm on Saturday May 24th with FIVE DOLLARS in Hand.  HASH IS HAPPENING.

Mama Baba.

The First Ever “Let’s Sleep Outdoors” Hash

20 05 2008

I’m going to post this message from Waterloo the Hare of the next hash

Hi Hashers,
Please join Waterloo and Skid-mark ( the hares)  to celebrate the birthdays of both with  a traditional-style hash on Saturday May 24th. The run will be through the forests in the Hart Prairie area of the San Francisco Peaks and will end at a beautiful spot with camping for those that wish to spend the night. Bring your own sleeping bags, a tent ( if you want privacy – it probably won’t rain)  Beer, soft drinks, water and food will be supplied, as will cereal for breakfast the next morning. So that I know roughly how much food to buy, I would appreciate an RSVP with how many in your group to  There will be a charge of $8 per person to cover drinks and food.

We will meet at 2 pm at 415 Ashurst St ( if that’s OK with Mamababa) where we will load into available cars to drive to the box ( where the hash starts) Bring your camping gear with you in these cars, as well as dry, warm clothes to put on after the run. Because this run is in the forest it is a good idea to carry a water bottle and a whistle in case you get lost( plus water for your dog if you are bringing one.) There is one spot where the dogs can get wet and get a drink but they might be hot by the time they get there. There will be beer and soft-drinks at the same spot.

At the end of the run there will be a traditional circle for “religion”  and traditional songs. If you’ve ever wondered how hashing is done in other hashes, this is your chance to see.



415 E Ashurst Ave Where we will meet

Saturday May 24th At 2pm

Bring CARS if you have them… so we can drive to the starting point.

The Disco Hash on Saturday (April 26th)

24 04 2008

So we didn’t have a bar hash on the 18th; whatever, everyone stayed home and cried instead.  The Zombie and Village People Disco Hash is on for this weekend though.  It will be a good one!  MamaBaba and Fondling Father were interviewed by a writer for the NAU Lumberjack, so the Flagstaff Hash will have some coverage.  A photographer from the Lumberjack will also be joining us on  the run, to document events that probably won’t be appropriate for a school newspaper. Perfect.

Anyway, for information on the start locations and time visit the official website (  I’d advise not wearing anything that can’t get extremely wet.  It will be a very warm Saturday, and there might be some water getting thrown around, who knows…

Come learn to run, disco and drink all at the same time!

The Next Hash

11 04 2008

There will be a bar hash this coming Friday, April 18th.  Meeting place is not yet determined, but it will probably be at one of the bars downtown (or not, who knows?).  Plan on meeting at about 5:00 pm, and prepare to drink out of the “Sacred Vessel”


The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

11 04 2008

March 29th, 2008: The Flagstaff Hash House Harrier Reunion Hash

What a ridiculous day!  Saturday, March 29th 2008 is a day that will live in Flagstaff Hash House Harrier infamy.  We met in Heritage Square, in the center of downtown Flagstaff at 3:00 pm.  A 6-piece classical string band was attempting to attract an audience to the large, open expanse of the square. Well… we helped them out a little bit, and showed up 105 hashers strong!  When a hash reaches the triple digits, and a clown costume (among other crazy outfits) is involved, it becomes a spectator sport.

The Reunion Hash was also special due to a series of “Rogue” Hash firsts:

– I talked to a curious officer of the law before the chalk talk and he told me a ‘fun run’ was completely fine.  No more worries in that department!

– The previous Grandmaster Hare of the Flagstaff HHH years ago joined us, and handed down some Hash Heirlooms.  These included an ancient bedpan, to be used as a down-down chalice.

– There were numerous shiggies that took hashers through the Rio de Flag, upriver, under tunnels and overpasses.

– Over 100 people ran 5.2 miles!

Unfortunately the process for adding pictures to these blog posts has changed, and I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment. No blog pictures for you!  Check out the website ( for photos of the hash.

The February Bar Hash

3 03 2008

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Have you ever heard 25 people scream the words “TRAIN SHOTS” in harmony?  This past Friday was my first time.  Altitudes Bar and Grill was the third stop on the Flagstaff Rogue Harrier Bar Hash, and they were very accommodating. Management actually demonstrated some significant foresight and delivered pitchers after pitchers after shots after pitchers to the lower patio area.  It was a good idea to quarantine us down there; previous stops inside Mia’s (where we received much appreciated discounts), and the bar formerly known as the Mogollon, were ended with a din of chanting, cheers, and drumming on the tables.


 It seems like the hashes keep getting better as awareness about them grows.  As far as spreading awareness goes, this Hash may have been the most fruitful.  Not only does each bar check know who the Flagstaff Rogue Harriers are, small slips of paper with our website were handed out at random.  There were very few instances where we caused a real nuisance or neared the edge of drunk and disorderly behavior.  Perhaps the only real threat was the great circle outside Malloney’s bar,  where all the harriers performed a rendition of Ole Ole Ole that would rival that of an international futbol match.  People waiting in line for the show at the Orpheum that night were given a real treat.

The next hash will not be until Saturday, March 29th.  Spring Break and a couple other events have broken up the schedule a bit, but rest assured, the wait will be worth it!  We will start spreading the word and finding the hares early.  There has also been rumors of (and by rumors I mean me, Mama Baba and some others discussing)  a hash that would end at a pre-arranged camp ground in the national forest, where tents, kegs, etc… have already been set up.  No promises though… March weather in Flagstaff is a volatile son of a bitch.
Mark you calendars for the 29th, and possibly the 30th as well.  Enjoy the break, your brains and livers will. ON ON.
– Fondling Father